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This week, the first week, to understand property – that which you can never really understand (according to Professor John Cribbet), you have to delve into … property. Property takes different forms, e.g., real, personal, intellectual, etc. This week’s readings cover these areas. How do you own things that really don’t “belong” to anyone (i.e. animals), or are created from thin air (i.e., trademarks, copyrights, etc.), and that which is … you (i.e., kidneys, sperm, blood, etc.)

After completing the reading for the week, think about what piqued your interest. Head to the internet. Find a case, news story, intellectual article, etc. that discusses that topic. For example, what right does a deceased male have in his sperm (see “Over My Dead Body: The Legal Nightmare and Medical Phenomenon of Posthumous Conception Through Postmortem Sperm Retrieval”, Katheryn Katz (2012)). Not that I am asking you to answer these questions, but what would this author think about the postmortem extraction of sperm from a Soldier killed in Iraq at the request of the Soldier’s fiancé? Mother? Spouse? Ex-Spouse? Do you agree with the author’s conclusions? What if it were you? Your spouse? Son? Daughter?

Tell your classmates and me about the case you found. Why did it spark your interest? What implications does it have for greater society and the concept of property ownership?


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