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51) The June 30 bank statement of Control Inc. has arrived in the mail. The bank reconciliation was prepared and the adjusted bank balance is $4,065. The following information was used to prepare the bank reconciliation:

•The cash ledger account has a balance of $5,500 on June 30.

•The bank statement indicates $20 of interest earned on the account.

•The company pays rent ($1,000) and utilities ($750) by EFT.

•The following checks did not clear the bank statement:  CK 101 $150, CK 102 $75, CK 103 $210

•The bank statement indicates a deposit of $1,250 for a note collected by the bank on behalf of the company.

•The bank statement indicates a $15 service charge.

•On June 30, the company deposited $800 at the end of the day. This will appear on the July bank statement.

•The bank statement includes a $175 check payment that the company did not write. The bank deducted $175 from the account for another company's check.

•The bank statement includes an NSF check for $400. It was received from a customer as a payment on account.

Journalize the June 30 transactions needed to update Control Inc.'s cash ledger account. Prepare a T account for cash, insert the unadjusted balance at 6/30, and post the entries. After posting, does the T account agree with the bank reconciliation? Note — It is NOT necessary to prepare the bank reconciliation.

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