51 the spelling pane checks the spelling of an entire presentation 52 the dictionary 4311607

51) The Spelling pane checks the spelling of an entire presentation.

52) The dictionary is a research tool that provides a list of words with the same meaning.

53) When the upper half of the New Slide button is clicked, a new slide is inserted with the same layout as the previous slide.

54) The New Slide button is divided into three parts.

55) The number of slide layouts is NOT the same for each slide design.

56) You can resize an image proportionally by using the middle sizing handle.

57) .rtf is an example of a graphic file extension.

58) The Picture Tools contextual tab displays only when an image is selected.

59) Slide Sorter view displays all the slides in a presentation as thumbnails.

60) On a touch screen device, you can touch one time with your fingertip to select a slide.

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