5HRF Managing in Changing and Difficult Times: the changing nature of the office and effects on HR practice and priorities

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hi there .. help to solve this case study with respective of HR employee which will help me to pass my CIPD LVL5

and write please the solutions on forms itself as attached . / required to answer the following four questions:

1. What is the strategic HR role in ‘the organisation of the future’ as described in this case?

2. No mention is made in the case of risks, and the things that can (and do and will) go wrong. In HR terms, what are the risks involved, and how do these need to be addressed and managed?

3. To what extent is HRM in these and similar circumstances, a part of overall managerial and supervisory professionalism; and to what extent does HR have a distinctive contribution to make?

4. Form titled :5HRF Group 1 LO 1-4 need to be fill up

Note : i attached Referencing Guide- Anglia Ruskin University to be consider in writing


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