71 folksonomies are user created taxonomies 72 help users gain information from larg 4309161

71) Folksonomies are user-created taxonomies.

72) ________ help users gain information from large amounts of geographically linked data.

A) Data visualization tools



D) Location analytics tools

73) A(n) ________ table is a spreadsheet feature that displays two or more dimensions of data in a convenient format.

A) pivot

B) drill-down

C) ad hoc

D) multi-tier

74) Dashboards and scorecards are visual interfaces used to make firm information easier to review quickly.

75) A(n) ________ capability allows users to view more detailed views of data.

A) ad hoc

B) drill-down

C) query and reporting

D) metrics

76) ________ intelligence technology consists of computer-based systems that attempt to emulate human behavior and thought patterns.

A) Neural

B) Genetic

C) Fuzzy

D) Artificial

77) Decision making is enhanced by a diverse group of ________, such as data mining and fuzzy logic.

A) intelligent techniques

B) expert systems


D) intelligent models

78) In ________, descriptions of past experiences of human specialists, represented as cases, are stored in a database for later retrieval when the user encounters a new case with similar parameters.

A) expert systems



D) intelligence networks

79) Which of the following types of business intelligence user is considered a power user?

A) IT developers

B) Business analysts

C) Operational employees

D) Senior managers


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