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77) Picture Pretty manufactures picture frames. Sales for August are expected to be 10,000 units of various sizes. Historically, the average frame requires four feet of framing, one square foot of glass, and two square feet of backing. Beginning inventory includes 1,500 feet of framing, 500 square feet of glass, and 500 square feet of backing. Current prices are $0.30 per foot of framing, $6.00 per square foot of glass, and $2.25 per square foot of backing. Ending inventory should be 150% of beginning inventory. Purchases are paid for in the month acquired.


a.Determine the quantity of framing, glass, and backing that is to be purchased during August.

b.Determine the total costs of direct materials for August purchases.

78) Christy Enterprises reports the year-end information from 2011 as follows:

Sales (100,000 units)$500,000

Less: Cost of goods sold300,000

Gross profit200,000

Operating expenses (includes $20,000 of Depreciation)120,000

Net income$ 80,000

Christy is developing the 2012 budget. In 2012 the company would like to increase selling prices by 10%, and as a result expects a decrease in sales volume of 5%. Cost of goods sold as a percentage of sales is expected to increase to 62%. Other than depreciation, all operating costs are variable.


Prepare a budgeted income statement for 2012.

79) Shamokin Manufacturing produces two products, Big and Bigger. Shamokin expects to sell 20,000 units of Big and 10,000 units of Bigger. Shamokin plans on having an ending inventory of 4,000 units of Big and 2,000 units of Bigger. Currently, Shamokin has 1,000 units of Big in its inventory and 800 units of Bigger. Each product requires two labor operations: molding and polishing. Product Big requires one hour of molding time and one hour of polishing time. Product Bigger requires one hour of molding time and two hours of polishing time. The direct labor rate for molders is $20 per molding hour, and the direct labor rate for polishers is $25 per polishing hour.



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