A Mental Health Check-In

discuss: A Mental Health Check-In It is hard to believe that we are already in February 2022. If you are anything like me, the beginning of the New Year is often filled with hope and expectation for accomplishing goals and improving overall health. As I spoke with several colleagues, friends, and family members at the start of 2022, however, I quickly realized that this year has been challenging for many people. Some have continued the tradition of naming and writing down goals, but for many, the New Year was met with continued mental, emotional, and physical fatigue due to ongoing stressors.

As nurses and students, we have continued to work hard throughout the course of the pandemic despite difficult situations and even traumatic experiences. The experience of many daily compounding stressors can make it even more challenging to set new goals or to accomplish the goals that were previously determined. This year, let’s consider one important goal in which we acknowledge the needs of our own mental health. One way to do this is to regularly ask yourself mental health check-in questions such as the following:

  1. How am I feeling both mentally and physically today?
  2. Have I provided my body with its basic needs (food, exercise, sleep)?
  3. Are there specific things that are taking up most of my headspace?
  4. Are there things in my life that are negative and should be cut out?
  5. What have I done lately that I enjoy?
  6. What inspires me?
  7. What have I been grateful for lately?
  8. Who do I have in my corner for support?

Brief mental health check-in questions can be a great way to assess how we are really feeling and acknowledge this critical aspect of wellbeing. In addition to thinking through these questions, I have found it helpful to write down my answers and discuss them with a trusted friend, family member, or counselor. What other check-in questions or mental health strategies have you considered for this year? Join us in the GNSA Connect community for further discussion! 
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