An organizations job structure consists ofAn organization

An organization’s job structure consists of:An organization’s job structure and pay levels:Which of the following would act as a market force during the development of a pay structure?Identify the legal requirement(s) for developing a pay structure.Which of the following statements is true of Equal Employment Opportunity laws?The comparable-worth policy:From an economic standpoint, identify the drawback of a comparable-worth policy.Which of the following permits a lower training wage, which employers may pay to workers under the age of 20 for a period of up to 90 days?The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) includes provisions for:Which of the following is a drawback of a minimum wage in terms of social policy?An employee who earns a base rate of $10 an hour and receives a weekly attendance award of $20 works 50 hours this week (Overtime pay is required, whether or not the employer specifically asked or expected the employee to work more than 40 hours). His/her total compensation for the week will be:Which of the following statements is true of the FLSA requirements for overtime pay?Which of the following is true of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)?Under the FLSA, exempt status of an employee depends on his/her:_____ means that the employee is paid a given amount regardless of the number of hours worked or quality of the work.According to the FLSA, which of the following is most likely a nonexempt employee?Under the FLSA, which of the following statements is true of child labor?The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931:The Walsh-Healy Public Contracts Act of 1936:Decisions about how to respond to the economic forces of product markets and labor markets limit an organization’s choices about:Which of the following is true of competition in product-markets?Organizations under pressure to cut labor costs may respond by:Which of the following is true of labor markets?The federal government tracks trends in the nation’s cost of living with a measure known as the:Following and studying changes in the _____ can help employers prepare for changes in the demands of the labor market.Which of the following is true about the Consumer Price Index (CPI)?The size of the range of pay levels based on labor and product markets depends on: The size of the range of pay levels based on labor and product markets depends on:Economic theory holds that the most profitable pay level, all things being equal, would be:A company that views employees as resources is most likely to pay the employees _____.Pay policies are one of the most important human resource tools for:The procedure in which an organization compares its own practices against those of successful competitors is known as:The National Compensation Survey is an ongoing activity of the:According to _____, people measure outcomes such as pay in terms of their inputs.What is the advantage of two-tier wage systems?Research on the effects of two-tier wage plans found that:_____ play the most significant role in communication because they interact with their employees each day._____ is an administrative procedure for measuring the relative worth of an organization’s jobs.Which of the following is true of compensable factors?_____ provide the basis for decisions about relative internal worth.Which of the following is true of key jobs?A graphed line showing the mathematical relationship between job evaluation points and pay rate is termed as a(n):A pay policy line:A drawback of pay rates is that they:_____ are sets of jobs having similar worth or content, grouped together to establish rates of pay._____ is a set of possible pay rates defined by a minimum, maximum, and midpoint of pay for employees holding a particular job.Pay ranges are most common for _____.Which of the following is true of pay ranges?Overlapping _____ give the organization more flexibility in transferring employees among jobs, because transfers need not always involve a change in pay.Assuming an organization wants to motivate employees through promotions, and assuming enough opportunities for promotions are available, the organization would want to:A _____ is an adjustment to a pay rate to reflect differences in working conditions or labor markets.Which of the following is true about job-based pay structures?Which of the following is a disadvantage of a pay structure that rewards employees for winning promotions?Which of the following is a characteristic of delayering?Reducing the number of levels in an organization’s job structure is known as:By combining more assignments into a single layer, organizations give managers more flexibility in making assignments and awarding pay increases which results in:Which of the following is a disadvantage of broad bands?Which of the following is a disadvantage of skill-based pay systems?Which of the following is true about skill-based pay?The compa-ratio:Assuming that the pay structure is well planned to support the organization’s goals, the compa-ratios should be close to:The _____ requires employers to make jobs available to their workers when they return after fulfilling military duties for up to five years.

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