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Article Analysis: Discuss why you chose the article, how the article relates to any one of the 10 public health services…

Article Analysis

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This is the article. I have to discuss why I chose the article( I\\\’m a black woman, I work with this population…u can add some other stuff) how the article relates to any one of the 10 public health services. And I have to come up with 2 questions relating to the article to pose to my classmates.

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Public Health Services Article: How Healthcare Is Starting To Heal Damaged Black Patient Trust
Healthcare is an essential human right that every citizen is entailed to, and Public Health services are in continuous development to ensure equitable healthcare service to every American. The article “How Healthcare is starting to Heal Damaged Black patient Trust” gives a clear picture of the roots of racism in Healthcare not only during the COVID 19 pandemic, but centuries back, during slavery. The author vividly describes the menace that Public healthcare face facilitates essential public health services such as assessing and monitoring population health and enabling equitable access.
The article points out the scars that Black Americans have accumulated from medical research over the years, and the loss of trust in the public health system, making the majority of them avoid seeking medical care unless they are seriously ill. The article also points out that most black, Hispanic patients feel more discriminated than their white’s counterparts, which is one of the downfalls of equitable access to Healthcare.
The majority of the Black population are unlikely to share their health problem with Physicians, making it had to be diagnosed. This has resulted in the Black population being more affected by chronic diseases compared to the Caucasian population. It is also a reflection on the COVID 19, where the Blacks are highly affected by the virus.

Article Analysis

The public health system must restructure to clear many racial disparities that have been negatively impacted the services, factors such as social determinants, structural racism, and increase of diversity in the public health workforces.
Patient trust in medicine is vital for public service. This can only be achieved by addressing historical injustice such as the Tuskegee Health Benefit Program and others such as the kidnapping of Black people to perform medical experiments; the perpetrator of such crimes should be brought to books. Also, acknowledging the mistreatment of Black and people of color by medical history may restore the trust of these populations in medical care services.

PatientEngagementHIT. (2020, December 5). How Healthcare is starting to heal damaged Black patient trust.

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