Assignment #5 The Trans-Pacific Partnership AgreementTheTPP

Assignment #5: The Trans-Pacific Partnership AgreementTheTPP is a trade agreement among twelve nations. It has been negotiated but has yet to be ratified by the UnitedStates.  For assignment #5, you are toread about the agreement and write a 2-3 page paper about whether the TPP willbe a good thing.  To answer the “goodthing” question, you can use the perspective of the United States, or the otherparties to the agreement (for instance, Vietnam and Malaysia are alsoparties).  To assist you in backgroundreading, I’ve assembled three different op eds on the agreement which I willmake available to you separately.  Youare also free to do your own, additional research on the agreement.Onething that appears different about the TPP compared with other trade agreementsare the intellectual property (IP) provisions included.  I have included one op-ed focusing on thesespecifically.  In assessing whether youthink the TPP is a good thing, you might want to consider if it is appropriateto have such IP provisions in an agreement which is supposed to be reducingbarriers to international trade.

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