AssignmentChoose a specific era of American history and wri

Assignment:Choose a specific era of American history and writea 10-12 page paper analyzing the relationship between American culture andmusic of the time.  Keep your paper verytightly focused, covering no more than an approximately five-year time period.  It may also be a good idea to focus on aspecific geographical region, because it may lead you to think in new ways(i.e. How did the weather, population, economy, technology, or politics of thisparticular place affect the music that was created there?)Consider the following as you gather your thoughts,but allow the logic of your paper’s thesis to guide your paper’s organization:  What artists and performers best exemplifythe era, and to what extent did their music change our society? How didhistorical events affect what musicians were doing?  Who was the audience for this music, whattechnologies were used in the distribution and consumption of the music, andwhat did the music represent to them?  Thispaper is an analysis of music in cultural context, using a specific place ormoment as your case study.Would like the focus of the thesis to be as specific as possible. A focus on the collision of drugs and music during the hippie movement or something along those lines.Please use academic articles for sources, and as few websites as possible. Thanks!

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