AssignmentInstructions (ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL NOT PLAGIARISM) The Assignment requires an analysisof specific financial data of Bob Smith Inc. Bob is an existing bank customer.When the loan to Bob was originally made in 2013 The bank required Bob to increasethe YE 2014 cash balance to at least $70,000. The Cash Flow Statement and BalanceSheet show an actual YE 2014 cash balance of less Than $34,000.The Assignment requiresparticipation in a team effort to complete the (partially Prepared) 2014 Cash Flow Statement.In Seminar 1 you discussed how to complete And use the 2014 Cash Flow Statementoutcomes to explain how specific accounts Influenced Bob’s low cashbalances…in other words…some reasons why Bob has no Cash! This information allows you tosubstantiate the 2015 loan denial. You are aware this Action will create dire financialcircumstances for Bob’s company. As the loan officer you must pass along the newsin a business letter that is most professional and written in an Objective manner. Please use valuesin the letter whenever possible.

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