BA Assignment

BA Assignment: When answering the questions can you make sure to incorporate my work experience: 4 years of emergency room experience as a patient care tech…

BA Assignment

When answering the questions can you make sure to incorporate my work experience:

· 4 years of emergency room experience as a patient care tech

· Motivated, team player, complete tasks on time, punctual

· Tell me about yourself.

· Why did you select a nursing career?

· Why are you interested in our organization?

· What contribution will you make in our organization?

· Why do you want this job?

· What are your strengths? Weaknesses?

· Why should I hire you?

· Why do you want to leave your present job?

· What are your most significant accomplishments?

· What are your short-term and long-term career goals?

· How does this position meet those goals?

· What kind of compensation are you looking for?

· How have your educational and work experience prepared you for this position?

· What challenges are you looking for in a position?

· How would you describe yourself?

· How would a supervisor describe you?

· Describe what you feel to be an ideal working environment.

· In your current or last position, what features did you like most? Least?

· What is the most important thing you’re looking for in an employer?

· Describe what you believe to be an ideal supervisor.

· What work experience has been the most valuable to you and why?

· What has been your greatest challenge?

· What frustrates you the most?

· What else should I know about you?

· What is professionalism?

Behavioral Interview

Describe a stressful clinical situation and how you handled it.

· Describe an encounter with an angry or frustrated patient and family member and how you handled it.

· Describe the most challenging patient experience you’ve had. Explain why.

· Tell me about a time when your performance did not meet your expectations.

· Give me an example of how you handled rapid or unexpected change.

· Tell me about a time when you had to build motivation or team spirit with members of a work group.

· Tell me about a time when you received difficult (or less than positive) feedback from your supervisor. How did you respond to the feedback? What changes did you implement as a result?

· Define pro-active and give me an example of a time when you behaved this way.

· Tell me about a situation in which you had to work with someone with whom you were uncomfortable.

· Describe the working relationship that developed and your influence on this relationship.

· Recall a situation or relationship which suffered from poor communication. What happened and how did you resolve it?

· What personal qualities do you feel are important to be successful in this position? Which of these qualities do you possess? Give an example of how these qualities have helped you in your present position.

· What is your definition of leadership, and why do you feel it is important? How have you demonstrated leadership? Tell me about a situation in which you should have shown more leadership than you did.


· Give me an example of when you had to make a quick decision. What were the results?

· What are the motivating factors for your personal happiness? For satisfaction in the workplace?

· Tell me about an important goal you set for yourself and how you were successful in achieving it.

· Describe how you demonstrate professionalism in your activities. What behaviors and characteristics contribute to that image?

· Describe a situation where you persuaded an individual or group to follow your course of action rather than their previously stated position.

· What was the hardest job you held, and what did you do to get through it?

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