Brief Exercise 4-6The income statement for Weeping Willow Go

Brief Exercise 4-6The income statement for Weeping Willow Golf Club for the month ending July 31 shows Service Revenue $16,400, Salaries and Wages Expense $8,200, Maintenance and Repairs Expense $2,500, and Net Income $5,700.Your answer is partially correct.  Try again.Post the entries to the revenue and expense accounts, and complete the closing process for these accounts using the three-column form of account.Service RevenueDateExplanationRefDebitCreditBalance7/31Balance7/31Closing entrySalaries and Wages ExpenseDateExplanationRefDebitCreditBalance7/31Balance7/31Closing entryMaintenance and Repairs ExpenseDateExplanationRefDebitCreditBalance7/31Balance7/31Closing entryBrief Exercise 4-5Your answer is partially correct.  Try again.The ledger of Rios Company contains the following balances: Owner’s Capital $29,670; Owner’s Drawings $1,861; Service Revenue $49,784; Salaries and Wages Expense $28,180; and Supplies Expense $7,788.The closing entries are as follows:(1) Close revenue accounts.(2)Close expense accounts.(3)Close net income/(loss).(4)Close drawings.Post the closing entries in the order presented in the problem and use the numbers as a reference.Salaries and Wages Expense(1)(3)Bal.Total(2)(4)Bal.Total(2)(1)(3)(4)Supplies ExpenseBal.(3)(1)(4)Total(2)Bal.Total(1)(4)(2)(3)Service Revenue(3)(4)(2)Bal.(1)Total(1)(2)Bal.Total(3)(4)Owner’s Drawings(2)Bal.(1)(3)(4)TotalBal.Total(4)(1)(3)(2)Income SummaryTotal(1)(2)(3)(4)Bal.(4)(3)TotalBal.(1)(2)(3)(4)(1)TotalBal.(2)(3)(1)Total(4)(2)Bal.Total(1)(4)(2)(3)Bal.(4)Bal.Total(1)(2)(3)Owner’s Capital(1)Bal.(2)(3)Total(4)(4)(2)(1)(3)TotalBal.(1)(2)Total(4)(3)Bal.(1)(2)(3)(4)TotalBal.(4)Bal.(1)(2)(3)Total(3)(1)(2)TotalBal.(4)Brief Exercise 4-10Your answer is partially correct.  Try again.The balance sheet debit column of the worksheet for Hamidi Company includes the following accounts: Accounts Receivable $12,444; Prepaid Insurance $4,312; Cash $4,609; Supplies $5,535, and Debt Investments (short-term) $5,468.Prepare the current assets section of the balance sheet, listing the accounts in proper sequence. (List current assets in order of liquidity.)HAMIDI COMPANYPartial Balance SheetCurrent AssetsCurrent LiabilitiesIntangible AssetsLong-term InvestmentsLong-term LiabilitiesProperty, Plant and EquipmentStockholders’ EquityTotal AssetsTotal Current AssetsTotal Current LiabilitiesTotal Intangible AssetsTotal LiabilitiesTotal Liabilities and Stockholders’ EquityTotal Long-term InvestmentsTotal Long-term LiabilitiesTotal Property, Plant and EquipmentTotal Stockholders’ Equity$Current Assets Current Liabilities Intangible Assets Long-term Investments Long-term Liabilities Property, Plant and Equipment Stockholders’ Equity Total Assets Total Current Assets Total Current Liabilities Total Intangible Assets Total Liabilities Total Liabilities and Stockholders’ Equity Total Long-term Investments Total Long-term Liabilities Total Property, Plant and Equipment Total Stockholders’ Equity $Exercise 4-1Your answer is partially correct.  Try again.The trial balance columns of the worksheet for Nanduri Company at June 30, 2014, are as follows.NANDURI COMPANYWorksheetFor the Month Ended June 30, 2014Trial BalanceAccount TitlesDr.Cr.Cash2,250Accounts Receivable2,508Supplies1,832Accounts Payable1,018Unearned Service Revenue366Owner’s Capital2,574Service Revenue3,359Salaries and Wages Expense618Miscellaneous Expense109 Total7,3177,317Other data:1.A physical count reveals $566 of supplies on hand.2.$104 of the unearned revenue is still unearned at month-end.3.Accrued salaries are $248.Complete the worksheet.NANDURI COMPANYWorksheetFor the Month Ended June 30, 2014Trial BalanceAdjustmentsAdj. Trial BalanceIncome StatementBalance SheetAccount TitlesDrCr.DrCr.DrCr.DrCr.DrCr.Cash2,250Accounts Receivable2,508Supplies1,832Accounts Payable1,018Unearned Service Revenue366Owner’s Capital2,574Service Revenue3,359Salaries and Wages Expense618Miscellaneous Expense109Totals7,3177,317Supplies ExpenseSalaries and Wages PayableTotalsNet IncomeTotalsExercise 4-9 (Part level Submission)The adjusted trial balance for Plevin Company.PLEVIN COMPANYAdjusted Trial BalanceJuly 31, 2014No.Account TitlesDebitCredit101Cash$8,833112Accounts Receivable9,363157Equipment15,563158Accumulated Depreciation-Equip.$7,674201Accounts Payable4,481208Unearned Rent Revenue1,768301Owner’s Capital44,121306Owner’s Drawings16,108400Service Revenue63,869429Rent Revenue6,021711Depreciation Expense7,127726Salaries and Wages Expense55,821732Utilities Expense15,119$127,934$127,934(a1)Your answer is partially correct.  Try again.Prepare an income statement for the year.PLEVIN COMPANYIncome StatementFor the Year Ended July 31, 2014DrawingsExpensesNet Income / (Loss)Owner’s Capital, August 1, 2011Owner’s Capital, July 31, 2012RevenuesTotal ExpensesTotal Revenues$ Drawings Expenses Net Income / (Loss) Owner’s Capital, August 1, 2011 Owner’s Capital, July 31, 2012 Revenues Total Expenses Total Revenues$DrawingsExpensesNet Income / (Loss)Owner’s Capital, August 1, 2011Owner’s Capital, July 31, 2012RevenuesTotal ExpensesTotal Revenues$Drawings Expenses Net Income / (Loss) Owner’s Capital, August 1, 2011 Owner’s Capital, July 31, 2012 Revenues Total Expenses Total Revenues DrawingsExpensesNet Income / (Loss)Owner’s Capital, August 1, 2011Owner’s Capital, July 31, 2012RevenuesTotal ExpensesTotal Revenues$Exercise 4-11 (Part level Submission)Selected accounts for Heather’s Salon are presented below. All June 30 postings are from closing entries.Salaries and Wages Expense6/103,4466/308,8936/285,447Supplies Expense6/125766/301,4306/24854Service Revenue6/3017,9396/159,5676/248,372Rent Expense6/12,9646/302,964Owner’s Capital6/302,9356/111,7976/304,652Bal.13,514Owner’s Drawings6/131,2196/302,9356/251,716(a)This question has not been answered.Create a free account to get help with this and any otherquestion!SIGN UPSimilar Questions acc 497 week 3 IndividualResources:Appendix A, The Home Depot, Inc. Annual Report in Fundamentals of Financial AccountingWrite a1,050- to 1,7…DiscussionThe Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX) served to focus auditors’attention, and users’ and managements’ as well, on internal…DQ for week 4 accountingPost a 200-300-word response tothe following discussion question.What is the purpose of internal control? Why isinter… Financial StatementsWrite a 350- to 700-word summary in which you dothe following:Identify the four basic financial statements.Describe the pu…SOX QuestionHas section 404 of SOX had an impact on audits?…Compounded InterestWhat is the amount of the payments that Ned Winslow must make at the end of each of 8 years to accumulate a fund of $90,00…Related Tagsleasesonline assignmentstrategycompanydesigner officeoverland truckingeconomicsCostproductscapital expendituresphysics problemsaccounting Book GuidesPachinkoby Min Jin LeeDandelion Wineby Ray BradburyThe Glass Palaceby Amitav GhoshGone with the Windby Margaret MitchellThe Chosenby Chaim PotokThe President is Missingby James Patterson, Bill ClintonPride and Prejudiceby Jane AustenMoby Dickby Herman MelvilleShutter Islandby Dennis LehaneStudypool values your privacy. Only questions posted as Public are visible on our website.Most Popular Answers Accounting 2 Accounting 2 1. RobertHitchcock is 40 years old today and he wishes to accumulate $500,000 by hissixty-fifth birthday so he can retire to his summer place on Lake Hopatcong. Hewishes to accumulate this amount by making equal deposits on his fortieththrough his sixty-fourth birthdays. What annual deposit must Robert make if thefund will earn 12% interest compounded annually?2. Diane Rosshas $20,000 to invest today at 9% to pay a debt of $47,347. How many years willit take her to accumulate enough to liquidate the debt?3. Cindy Houstonhas a $27,600 debt that she wishes to repay 4 years from today; she has $19,553that she intends to invest for the 4 years. What rate of interest will she needto earn annually in order to accumulate enough to pay the debt?4. Julia Baker died,leaving her husband Brent an insurance policy contract that provides that thebeneficiary can choose any one of the following four options.a) $55,000immediate cashb) $4,000every 3 months payable at the end of each quarter for 5 years.c) $18,000immediate cash and $1,800 every 3 months for 10 years, payable at the beginningof each 3-month period.d) $4,000every 3 months for 3 years and $1,500 each quarter for the following 25quarters, all payments payable at the end of each quarter.Instructions:If money isworth 2 ½% per quarter, compounded quarterly, which option would you recommendthat Brent exercises?Fahim Fahim AS per our discussion Managerial Accounting Managerial Accounting I need Acc 290 Activity based costing Paper in 24 hours.Variance Analysis Variance Analysis i would like to know how to variances under two variance method with solved example. Variance Analysis Variance Analysis Three variance method with two solved examples.Variance Analysis Variance Analysis Four Variance method with two resolve examples. View moreHave a homework question? Get help from verified tutors now! 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