CECM 674 Green Building/Construction Management

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1. In the Environmental Defense Fund case study, what was the rational for utilizing modular furniture in the conference room and various office spaces? Describe how this encourages “Sustainability”. Provide web link to a supplier of these types of furnishings.

2. Describe the term “Payback Period”, and why its consideration so crucial to the implementation of sustainable / green technologies. What time period is the current market willing to bear, what will it take to elongate duration?

3. Discuss Toyota’s stance on “Sustainable Development” and “Return on Investment”. Relate this to the fundamental principles of Green Building Design.

4. Discuss why, despite the United States limited history (i.e. established in 1776), our nation has become a global technological / economic / political power. Detail our responsibility toward promoting sustainable construction and curtailing resource consumption.

5. Describe how both architecture design and engineering of buildings has changed over the last century as a result of modern technology. Describe how green engineering is now attempting to embrace “natural energy saving” design elements.


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