Chapter DB 4: Instructions/Prompt [READ]- Make sure to do BOTH CHAPTERS 7 AND 8 PROMPTS

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Chapter DB 4: Instructions/Prompt [READ]


Link to CH DB 4: CH DB 4

Chapter 7:One-Up Penelope” View the Saturday Night Live (SNL) clip entitled “Penelope: Therapy.” Penelope goes to group therapy and demonstrates poor listening behavior, which upsets her peers and therapist.—therapy/n12399

After you watch the video, respond to the following questions:

  • What poor listening habits did you observe in the video? (Note: Stage hogging is obvious, so consider other poor listening habits listed in the textbook.)
  • What was the effect of poor listening on the group?
  • Can you relate to the video? Give an example of someone you know who doesn’t listen well. What do they do that is ineffective? Why do you think that they do not listen well? (Note: Focus on barriers to listening)

Chapter 8:Poor Emotional Hygiene”

After watching the video, answer the following questions:

  • What are psychological injuries? How do we treat these injuries? Identify a physiological injury you have experienced or are experiencing.
  • According to Dr. Winch, what types of “wounds” do we deal with? Identify any “wounds” you may have had or have.
  • What does the presenter say about making changes?
  • What is poor emotional hygiene? What are two changes you will make to improve your emotional hygiene?


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