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You are working as a paralegal for the law firm that represents one of the families in the Arkansas Bus Collision Case. The collision has received a lot of media coverage. Your supervising attorney, Roy Saunders, has sent you the memorandum below asking you to write a reply memorandum where you discuss an ethical situation involving the firm. For the assignment, draft a reply memorandum to your supervising attorney, Roy Saunders. If you want, you can use the attached memorandum template.

This assignment is based on the similar situation involving the video “Confidentiality Issue: Public Information” at the link below.

Date: Today’s Date
To: Paralegal
From: Roy Saunders, Attorney
Re: Ethical Situation with Arkansas Bus Collision Case

As you know, the Arkansas Bus Collision Case has received a lot of coverage by the local press. Two paralegals from our firm were on a coffee break at a public coffee shop. One of the paralegals was working on the case. The other paralegal was not assigned to the case but has some interest in the case.

Please draft a reply memorandum to me where you answer the following questions.
1. Discuss whether members of the legal team have a duty to remain silent, even when information about the case has been made public.
2. If incorrect information about a case has been made public, can the members of the legal team correct any misinformation?
3. Discuss whether confidential information about cases be shared among members of the same law firm.
4. What is the difference between the ethical duty of confidentiality and the attorney–client privilege?

In your analysis, you should cite at least two different sources, including any relevant ethical rules under the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.


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