College algebra; respond to below.

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In this discussion, you will explore the concept of slope and determine how to teach someone how to find the slope of a line.


Step 1: Respond to the following:

One of your friends is struggling with the concept of slope. To help your friend with this concept, you decide to ask her to draw several lines with different slopes. So that your friend will not be confused, you will need to give her instructions for drawing each of the examples listed below without using any mathematical terms or equations.

Write out the instructions you would give your friend to complete this task and better understand the slope of a line. Avoid using mathematical terms or equations. In your instructions, ask her to draw the following:

  • a line with positive slope
  • a line with negative slope
  • a line with an undefined slope
  • a line with a slope of 0
  • *Be sure to cite any outside sources in APA format.
  • Rubric:
  • -Posts well developed answers that fully addresses and develops all aspects of the concept-Posts factually correct, reflective and substantive contribution; advances discussion.-Uses references to literature, readings, or personal experience to support comments


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