Communicable Disease Communication Document

Communicable Disease Communication Document: Analyze communicable diseases and their potential impact on public health…


Analyze communicable diseases and their potential impact on public health.


Your supervisor has asked each public health nurse to research a different communicable disease and prepare a communication document about the disease. These communication documents will be used to support your department in better understanding the public health issues, the potential consequences to the population, and the actions that public health nurses can take to educate and provide services for the population.As the senior public health nurse in your department, your supervisor has requested that you select your communicable disease to research first and then they will assign your coworkers their communicable disease topic.


Part One – Select one communicable disease from the list below, and research the communicable disease:

  • Vaccination rates of children and any outbreaks
  • Rates of influenza among those over 65
  • Rising rates of new HIV rates of infection.
  • High immigrant community and concern about Ebola, Zika, or SARS
  • New cases of acute flaccid myelitisRising rates of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Salmonella outbreak
  • Rising rates of hepatitis

Part Two – Prepare a communication document that:

  • Explains the selected communicable disease’s impact or potential impact on public health.
  • Analyzes data using correct epidemiologic terminology on the communicable disease (from the surveillance sources’ websites provided below).
  • Explains the potential impact on the population if this communicable disease is not addressed, with a focus on the social impact and the emotional distress to the community.
  • Examines nursing interventions that have been proven effective in similar communities.
  • Details the action steps that can be taken by public health nurses to prevent and control the communicable disease, including education strategies.
  • Provides stated ideas with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar in the communication document.

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