Communicable Disease Health Education Tool

Communicable Disease Health Education Tool. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Kenya among the top 30 high TB disease burdens…

Communicable Disease Health Education Tool


Select and research a communicable disease in a developing country (not the U.S.).

Explain the disease process, including the introduction and spread.

Develop a health education tool that addresses the disease, including:

  • Self-management tips
  • Diet and nutrition directions
  • Potential treatment options
  • Potential resources 
  • Risk reduction

Format your assignment as one of the following:

  • 10-slide presentation

Write a 350- to 525-word summary explaining:

  • The target population for the tool, including ages and demographics
  • Resources available in the area, including environmental, social, and economic
  • The level of prevention targeted by the tool

Summary of the Health Education Tool

The Target Population for the Tool, Including Ages and Demographics

The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks Kenya among the top 30 high TB disease burdens. Low-income individuals living in Nairobi’s informal settlements constitute one of the most important target groups for TB prevention and control because of their increasing numbers, overcrowded living conditions and high mobility.

Among these individuals, TB, HIV-related T and MDR-TB are significant major public health problems as such health education intervention at the primary care level is a crucial strategy to offer TB prevention and control information to patients and improve their compliance to prescribed medication.

The study participants are 110 eligible patients from low-income families living in Nairobi’s informal settlements. These patients were aged between 18 years and 45 years, where 65 of the patients were male, and 45 were females. The participants were divided into control, where the health intervention was applied and the intervention who received the health education intervention.

Resources Available In the Area, Including Environmental, Social, and Economic

The informal settlement has several resources available with a young population, primarily individuals who have chosen healthy behavior lifestyle choices and community health centers that receive TB drugs from the government chemist free of charge. The medication is expected to be dispensed to the patients at no cost.

The population also has many individuals who have acquired basic education at the primary and secondary levels. Therefore, the researcher will use a quasi-experimental research methodology with a pre-and post-experimental design to offer a comprehensive health education intervention.

The Level of Prevention Targeted By the Tool

The proposed project targets to successfully implement primary level prevention measures. To realize this overarching goal, the researcher proposes to use a PRECEDE PROCEED Framework.

Using the PRECEDE PROCEED Framework, the proposed study seeks to provide a comprehensive model to assess health and the subsequent quality of life needs to design, implement and evaluate a health promotion program to prevent TB in informal settlements within the city.

Communicable Disease Health Education Tool

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