Communication Pathways: Answering 3 Questions ( each Question should be written as a complete paragraph (5-7 sentences in length)

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The book we use in this class: Communication Pathways By: Joseph M. Valenzano III, Melissa A. Broeckelman-Post, Erin S. Parcell

PTP 5 – Language / Chapter 5

Instructions: After reading the textbook chapter, answer the prompts below. To receive full credit, each response should be written as a complete paragraph (5-7 sentences in length) and incorporate key concepts and vocabulary from the textbook. Save the file to your computer, and then upload a copy to Canvas to submit your responses. Be prepared to share some of your thoughts during our class discussion.

  1. Explain the difference between connotative and denotative language. Give an example of a word that has very different connotative and denotative meanings and explain what those meanings are.
  2. Choose four of the structures of language that you learned about in this chapter. For each of the four, provide an example. (Choose examples that were not shared in the book.)
  3. Choose a speech that you think of as an important historic speech and paste a link to the video or transcript of that speech here. Identify at least three examples of metaphoric language or language structures that are used in that speech.


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