Critical Analysis Group Research PaperGroups will research

Critical Analysis: Group Research PaperGroups will research and critically evaluate the issues surrounding the website. This is a formal research paper. As such, you are expected to have a minimum of 10 sources, and the sources should meet criteria of information quality (e.g., are the sources Accurate? Valid? Reliable? Objective? Credible? Relevant? Complete? Etc.) Because this is a timely and ongoing topic, it is unlikely you will find many scholarly sources (i.e., reputable journal articles) but I encourage you to focus on sources that are not excessively biased. Do not give me a “Fox News” paper Papers should be approximately 15-20 pages, formatted using Times New Roman 12-point font with 1-inch margins, page numbers, double-spaced, with a title page that states the class, section number, title of the paper, and group member names. I do not care what citation style you use (e.g., APA, MLA), so long as you are consistent throughout the paper with the in-text citations and reference list.Although this is not a formal case-study, a good approach to take when starting this paper is to review the Systems Approach (posted in your first iLearn Lesson). In short, you should provide: IntroductionSummary of the relevant facts oThis will be the main portion of this research paperDefinition of the problem as your group sees itoThere are several ways to address the problem(s) of Your group should come to a consensus regarding what you consider the be the over-arching problem and present your research in a way that supports your problem statement.oFor this research paper, you could place the problem statement before the summary of facts if you want.Alternatives: what could have been done differently?oThis is a “hindsight” view, or “lessons learned” approach. If you were the project manager of, what could/would you have done differently? ConclusionReferencesPlease be professional and do not make this a political paper. I do not care which side of the fence you vote on. Stick to the facts. Please keep in mind this assignment is to critically evaluate, not the Affordable Care Act (AKA, Obamacare)! It’s your job to flesh out the facts of this case and ignore the political banter. I anticipate this will be a very interesting assignment for you, and I am genuinely looking forward to reading your papers!

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