Data Science Applications And Processes

Data Science Applications And Processes: Data mining has been cited as one of the advantages scientists used in the creation of the COVID-19 vaccinations. Data mining was used in the trials of these vaccinations to signal safety concerns and trends more quickly in the trial groups. As a result, these vaccinations were quickly available to support the  effort in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Thinking beyond the scope of a major vaccination effort and pandemic, how might data compiled and analyzed in your healthcare organization or nursing practice help support efforts aimed at patient quality and safety? Why might it be important to consider the how’s and why’s of data collection, application, and implementation? How might these practices shape your nursing practice or even the future of nursing?

For this Discussion, you will explore various topics related to data and consider the process and application of each. Reflect on the use of these applications, but also consider the implications of how these applications might shape the future of nursing and healthcare practice.

To Prepare

  • Review the Learning Resources for this week related to the topics: Big Data, Data Science, Data Mining, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning. 
  • Consider the process and application of each topic.
  • Reflect on how each topic relates to nursing practice. 
By Day 3 of Week 5

Post a succinct summary on how each topic might apply to nursing practice. Be specific. Note: These topics may overlap as you will find in the readings (e.g., some processes require both Data Mining and Analytics).


In your post include the following:

  • Explain how you see the data concepts presented aligning with your current practice. What do you need to know to apply these concepts?
  • Do you currently use one of these processes in your healthcare organization or nursing practice? If so, how and in what context?
  • If you do not currently use one of these processes in your healthcare organization or nursing practice, what would it take to implement it? What do you see as a benefit for use?
  • How is predictive analytics applied to clinical practice? Be specific and provide examples.

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