dentify the assumption by number and title that presented the most questions

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    Assumptions About Psychological Testing and Assessment

    In the unit introduction, you read about the influence that your history and previous experiences with tests may have on your perception of them at the start of this course. Remember to set aside these perceptions as you enter the course and learn about tests and their measurement. Remain cognizant of them as you proceed so they do not prevent you from learning about tests and, perhaps, change your mind, either way, about them. Additionally, in your readings from the Psychological Testing and Assessment text, you were introduced to seven basic assumptions about psychological assessment. Identify the one assumption that was the most difficult for you to accept based on your current understanding or previous experiences with testing.

    In your post:

    • Identify the assumption by number and title that presented the most questions for you. (Include the number and title in your subject line of the discussion thread when you post it.) Also, include an indicator about how concerning the assumption is to you at this time (that is, 0 = No concern at all, just the most problematic relative to all other assumptions I am presented; 1 = Somewhat concerned with this assumption; 2 = Very concerned with this assumption; 3 = Significantly concerned and in disagreement with this assumption).
    • Identify specific parts or elements of the assumption that were most concerning to you.
    • Analyze if the assumption elements identified are based on (a) your previous experiences, (b) others’ perspectives, (c) facts, or (d) a combination of these.
    • Discuss why these elements were most concerning to you in terms of those previous experiences, perspectives, or facts. Essentially, share an example of those experiences or knowledge that resulted in your current concern.
    • Identify which future chapter in the Psychological Testing and Assessment text may be important and relevant for you, based on the assumption you identified. (Hint: Look through the Table of Contents or Index in your text for help.)

    Response Guidelines

    Carefully read the response guidelines regarding the two different submissions required for response posts.

    Respond to the posts of at least two other learners. Attempt to identify one post that is the same as your choice and one that is different from your choice. Discuss how the content of the post is similar to or different from your post and explore how different experiences and knowledge result in different perspectives. Focus on providing facts, rather than opinion, to support the assumption being presented as concerning to them. Keep in mind that the objective of response posts is to stimulate discussion, promote an exchange of ideas, and (most importantly) to generate a sense of community among learners in the courseroom.

    Learning Components

    This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

    • Research the development of tests and testing.
    • Investigate testing from the perspective of test takers.
    • Apply writing and citations skills appropriate for doctoral-level learners.



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