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Some people believe the history of corrections shows a continuous movement toward more humane treatment of incarcerated people as society in general has progressed. Do you agree? Why or why not?

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Society has significantly transformed in terms of the punishments administered on criminals. In the past, incarcerated people faced more harsh penalties for their crimes, including hanging and chopping off of limbs. However, as times continue to change, penalties are becoming more lenient. For instance, capital punishment used to involve hanging the offender or killing them in some crude way (Miric, 2017). In contemporary society, the punishment is administered using needles that inject substances that stop the criminal’s heart from beating, which is a method that is more humane than those used in the past.

At the same time, the justice system in the recent past introduced the element of assessing a criminal’s mental wellness, as well as the background to assess whether or not there are underlying factors that prompted him/her to commit a crime. This led to the introduction of forensic psychologists who evaluate criminals to determine their sentences. As a result, some offenders get lesser punishments or are sent to rehabilitation centers for corrections. Hence, society has considerably moved to more humane treatment of incarcerated people.

Miric, F. (2017). System of Penalties in Roman Law. Ius Romanum, 356.


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