Disucssion 1-&nbspPositive/Negative Examples of Interest Groups

Disucssion 1- Positive/Negative Examples of Interest Groups There’s often a negative connotation with the phrase ‘interest group.’ Does anyone know of an interest group that matches that negative connotation in your view? Or, have an example of one that you think of more positively? Discussion 2 – Do any propaganda techniques coming from interest groups stand out?Do any propaganda techniques coming from interest groups stand out? Here are the basic techniques: http://quizlet.com/5435505/7-types-of-propaganda-techniques-flash-cards/Some organizations have gotten in trouble for editing clips and presenting them out of context. Any examples?For all those mailers we receive or commercials that use pathos to touch at our hearts–it sometimes comes out later how the organization really allocates their funds. No matter the topic, whether the focus is on energy, the environment, animals, children, soldiers, poverty, disease, or any national or social interest, taking the time to understand fully how the operation works, who is in charge, how their resources are allocated, and whether criticism is valid and credible can help us to either feel more strongly for a cause’s honorable purpose or back away and choose another that is.

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