Film as History Paper 3: Hidden Figures, Selma, and Mandela. Agree or disagree: Directors ignore aspects of historical characters in order to drive their own political/social agenda.

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Students will view these films and then create a researched and supported argument. The key questions are given above. All of them revolve around the issue of doing “good history.” Each one of them requires an answer to the question and then support of your answer. Why do you say that? You will not be able to say everything there is to say about these films, so you will want to pick a particular theme or issue (characters, events, idea, etc) and make that the focus of your argument about the films as good historical analyses. 4 In order to do this and have a verifiable argument, you will need to have a minimum of five sources (three of which MUST be academic sources). Each argument is to be a minimum of 5 pages (1250 words). This does not include a title page, charts/photos, and bibliography. ALL PAPERS MUST FOLLOW THIS FORMAT FOR THE THESIS STATEMENT: “This paper will prove that …..”


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