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Introduction: This is intended to measure the breadth of connections made by the student throughout the readings and lecture component of the course. The exam will consist of written answers that demonstrate a clear understanding surrounding what constitutes digital geographies.

For ultimate success, the student will:

1) Compose a written response that demonstrates a clear understanding of the material.

2) The student will use sources from the course readings in order to substantiate particular arguments.

3) The student will make connections across readings and themes.


Using assigned readings, lecture material, and Thinking Journal, please compose a 400-600 word response to each question. Turn in a separate word document on Canvas containing your responses.


  • What constitutes the digital? What are the objects & artifacts that constitute digitality? What does geography enable us to do in terms of understanding digitality?
  • What makes data political? Is it how it circulates from one part of the world to another? Or is it the type of platform or its content? Is it its situatedness in particular economic and political geographies? Draw upon each of the readings to assemble how we might approach the idea of “flows of data” from “North to South.” What does this do?
  • Identify the spaces and platforms in which digital mediation takes place. What does digital mediation mediate? Identify where digital mediation produces the conditions for material violence and dispossession? Where and what is mediated throughout the process of digital mediation?
  • Identify spaces in which thriving and resistance to digital violence take place. Identify spaces both identified within and outside the reading material.

Digital Resume

Instructions: Create a resume in a format and platform of your choice. To illustrate what I’m looking for, please use this example for guidance: (Links to an external site.)

Turn in this option on Canvas via any format of your choice, including pdf, word doc, url, etc.

Required Items

  1. Identify experience in using particular platforms. Showcase your digital geographic skills!
  2. Identify your actually existing projects. Projects are a great way in which to assemble a digital portfolio.

Add this to resume: the Digital maping assignment (…)and Exploring secondary data and building a map with Carto here is the link (…)


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