First Phase of Business Process Evaluation

Create the first phase business process that characterize McLane inbound receiving process.


It must include the following items in the business process evaluation:

·      Where does this business process have its origins?

·      Who is the leader/responsible party for this business process?

               Vice President

o   Describe the role of this leader/responsible party.

·       Describe the driver(s) and trigger(s) that are applicable to this business process. 

·       Within the context of this organization, and this business process, would you characterize the organization as using a bottom-up approach, or a top-down approach? Why?

·       How does technology assist with this business process?

·       Provide any recommendations for changes you would advise. You are welcome to include other areas or elements in your evaluation that you studied in this week’s readings as well. 


Must be 500 words



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