For the Danone case (attached) ,1. Use this link&nbsphttp//www

For the Danone case (attached) ,1. Use this link on ‘social business process management’ to analyze the Danone case.2. In the white paper entitled ‘Embracing the Internet of Everything to Capture Your Share of the $14.4 Trillion,’ (attached) Cisco identifies 5 drivers that fuel the IoE value. Is Danone embracing any of these in the design and building of their knowledge management? If yes, explain how. If not, explain how they could or should.3. In the white paper (executive report) entitled ‘The Business of Social Business,’ (attached) IBM notes that many companies are realizing the value of applying social approaches internally and externally. Use the concepts in the paper to identify how Danone is embracing social business. Hint: IBM identifies actions and uses of social business – use these to organize your analysis.In your answer, please make sure to cover all questions (requirements)

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