For this activity consider that you are in the landscaping consultant business for a company PythagoGrass. You have landed some important clients who want some work done in their backyard. You have the following client request:

I don’t understand this Geometry question and need help to study.

A pipe needs to run from a water main, tangent to a circular fish pond

1- On a coordinate plane, construct the circular fish pond at a given location and specify your center point and radius.

2. Write your circular fish pond equation:

3. On your coordinate plane, identify the point to represent the location of the water main connection.

4.Construct the pipe so that it is tangent to the fish pond from the water main. Include all steps to creating a tangent line, as discussed in this lesson. Submit your final graph. You may do this by hand, using a compass and straightedge, or using a graphing software program.

5 Discuss the steps that you used to create your tangent line in #1. What was the most important step? Your discussion should be a minimum of three sentences.

6.Give an example of tangents in the real world that have not been presented in this lesson. Explain how you know the tangent and the radius in your example are perpendicular.


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