For this assignment, you will consider the consequences of a

For this assignment, you will consider the consequences of acting ethically or unethically. After carefully reading the supplemental ethics materials (Jennings handout), discuss fully the ethical issues related o this care.1 list at least 5 of the ethical dilemmas you find in the fact pattern below and describe why they are present a problem ethically, if not leally.(use bullet points for this part)2 Examine just two of those 5 ethical dilemmas you’ve identified from three other impacted player’s perspectives and what they might think about being treated this way. Further, describe rationalization used to justify this unethical behavior.3 Use just 2 of the Jennings Ethics Models to resolve the situation. You paper must be typed (double space front size 12) and about 4 pages in length. Do No outside research: just use Jennings to analyze this. Be creative: no rubric!  The case Social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter have become very popular most popular are members of at least one social networking site. By reading an individual’s page, one can see his or her pictures, the people he or she is communicating with, what is written on the page, and even what the individual writes on other’s pages. Many people, however, have restricted access to their personal information by adjusting their privacy settings to better protect their privacy. The only way to see such a person’s entire page is to become his or her “friend”.  You are a member of an investment-banking firm. Members of the managerial staff have an interest in discovering background information about potential employees and also have concerns about how employees are using their time while at work. You would like to find out more about your employees, so you, as a manager, are considering sending a “friend” or “follow “request to a subordinate employee for the sole purpose of getting access to that person’s “private” page. Is it ethical to ask job applicants or current employees to open their social networking sites to company managers?Attachments: blawwwwww_homweork.docx

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