Formal recommendation for CH Robinson

Write a 600-word essay: 

·      Using headings with the audit segment, with good exploration, 

·      Clear purpose and intent of the assignment up front

        o   i.e., an innovation and technology audit over 10 weeks. 

·      Really clarify the purpose and intent at the start, and the areas in the audit you are focusing on.

·      Good use of references, especially organization ones. Keep expanding on that, and weave in more content – what do the audit terms mean as in academic/text definitions, so that your audience are crystal clear as to what you are focusing in on.


Focus of the Audit:

  • How can CH Robinson better create value out of new ideas?
  • How can CH Robinson better create change initiatives that integrate innovation and efficiencies?
  • How can CH Robinson better develop critical thinking skills within a structured framework?
  • How can CH Robinson better integrate a process of innovation?


Based on the Reading of:

White, Margaret, and Garry D. Bruton. The Management of Technology & Innovation. (3rd Edition)., 2018.

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