Half page longSelect a company that went out of business in

Half page longSelect a company that went out of business in the past five years dueto not properly embracing e-commerce and/or digital technology.Examine and explain why the company went out of business based on itsmarketing strategy. Suggest some marketing strategies the organizationcould have implemented to stay in business. Support your reasoningwith sound and reasonable explanation and research.Half page longMarketing may not play an important role in a company’s organizationalhierarchy. Give your opinion about why this might happen. Explain thepotential consequences of a company giving little credence tomarketing, and support your reasoning with an example of a companythat is struggling or has gone out of business.Half a pageConduct online research to find an article about a company that hasbeen in the news during the past two years due to an ethical issue,such as greenwashing, or questionable advertising or marketing.Explain how the company arrived at this situation and how they couldhave prevented this from happening

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