Healthcare site visitChoose one type of healthcare setting t

Healthcare site visitChoose one type of healthcare setting to conduct a site visit. You may select from an acute hospital or a skilled nursing facility. You must use the compare website to select two facilities in your area. One must be a high performing facility and one must be a low performing facility. You will be expected to visit both sites, compile your impressions of the facility and how it represents quality healthcare. You are strongly advised to discuss how quality is measured and ensured with someone from administration at each site. Your analysis should be approximately 5 pages with the following information: Environment at each site, Staff observations at each site, interview with administrative staff about quality, how the compare web sites categorize each site for quality.identify 2 Healthcare sites in your area. One that is a lower quality score and one with a higher. Compare and contrast the two facilities.   ****Grading Criteria for All Papers  Comprehensiveness: Is your analysis comprehensive? Have you briefly delineated the key issues and historical stages? (50%) Execution: Is your paper well written, presentable, and well organized? Is it grammatically correct? (15%) Documentation: Have you included references to the literature (especially class readings and a bibliography)? Use parenthetical references, e.g. (Torres-Gil, 1992). Do you handle the concepts well and use the readings appropriately? (25%) Creativity and Original Thought: Do you bring anything new or original to your discussion? Do you look at issues in a new light or suggest new ideas in your paper? (10%)

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