Holistic Nutritional Assessment

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Perform a thorough nutritional assessment including anthropometric, biochemical, medications, clinical, dietary data, and medical-psychosocial history. Utilize at least two scholarly resources to support your interpretation of findings, outcomes, goals, and interventions.

Example and worksheet Provided below


  1. Choose an individual to assess (does not have to be a patient, cannot be yourself, but can be a family member, friend, co-worker, etc.).
  2. Utilize the Table (attached) to document nutritional assessment.
  3. Perform nutritional history.
  4. Perform physical assessment related to nutritional assessment.
  5. If available include any laboratory data relevant to the nutritional assessment.
  6. Thoroughly document nutritional findings.
  7. Interpret the assessment data and prepare 2 nutritional outcomes or goals. Outcomes or goals should be measurable, attainable, specific, and patient-centered.
  8. Include at least one intervention for each of your outcomes or goals.
  9. Support your interpretation of the findings, outcomes or goals, and interventions with at least 2 scholarly resources.
  10. APA 6th edition format required.


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