How did the Fronde affect the french monarchy?

Great question!

The Fronde was a series of civil wars in France between 1648 and 1653. This is when Louis XIV was just a small child and after his father died. Due to the death of Louis XIII, this allowed for the nobility to try and take advantage of the situation in which someone else could take the throne.

One highly understated man is Cardinal Mazarin. He worked with Louis’ XIV’s mother, Queen Ann of Austria (FROM SPAIN) in order to end the political and social instability that challenged the Bourbon Dynasty.

Due to the Fronde, Louis XIV knew he had to centralize power within himself as he got older,in order to make sure another event like this could never occur again. (It worked well until 1789!!) Louis XIV completely removed the last remnants of Feudalistic notes that were ingrained within France to ensure a sense of stability.

Louis XIV used many tools such as Baroque Music and art in order to supplement his powerful and god-like image. (This is why Baroque Music sounds so artificial yet graceful)!!

The Fronde in the short term backfired. However, it was a stepping stone that showed the world that the people of France wanted change. The erection of the Chateau of Versailles and other opulent indulgences by the royalty essentially led to a buildup of Revolutionary fervor which led to the Great Revolution which ushered in a new era of Republicanism for the future.

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