https// AssignmentWrite a paper of ten or more pages discussing an aspect of the life Winston experienced in 1984 which has a parallel in contemporary, post 9/11/2001 American life. If you choose you may use the ideas explored in class this term.  You are required to incorporate the ideas set forth by Bly or Sanford (shadow), Huxley, and Orwell into your paper; you must include one other academic journal article for a minimum of four required citations. Use MLA style,Include a Works Cited listWrite in third person and literary presentIntegrate at least one quotation from each of the four required sources.Four Required Citation Sources: Use as many other sources as you chooseThe following may be cited anywhere in the paper1.One Academic journal of your choice2. Orwell, George: 19843. Human shadowBly, Robert:  A Little Book on the Human Shadow  orSanford, John: “What the Shadow Knows” Sun Magazine Interview  4. Huxley, Aldous Propaganda under a Dictatorship’ or  Huxley, Aldous ‘Propaganda in a Democratic Society’Use your journal article, Huxley and/or the shadow either in the 1984 section or in the contemporary America section. Papers of fewer than ten pages will receive a lowered grade. Late final papers -109 pages -28 pages -57 pages -106 pages -155 pages -20 Final paper suggested structureIntroduction about 1 pageThesis statement includes the area of 1984 that is present in contemporary America1984 section about 3.5 – 4 pagesWritten as an analytical report/summary and establishes the ground for the contemporary parallelCovers the events, practices and qualities present in the novel that also operate in the contemporary American area you have chosen to coverGeneral questions to addressWhat is the significance of the aspect in 1984 regardingthe novel as a whole? how it functioned in Big Brother’s world?how it served Big Brother’s and the Party’s purposes?its influence on how the people of Oceania lived?how it contributes to Orwell’s overall message?Use your journal article, Huxley and/or the shadow either in the 1984 section or in the contemporary America section. All sources must be used in the paper.Contemporary America section about 3.5 -4 pagesWritten in a comparison/contrast modeIntroduce and discuss the contemporary American life parallel you chose to write about and how it plays out in contemporary American lifeWhat makes the quality you chose parallel to 1984?How does its function compare to Big Brother’s world?What Orwellian purposes does it serve?How does the aspect influence how the American people live?Show how that aspect is parallel to some aspect of the life Winston experienced in 1984discuss the similarities and differences between the novel and present dayexplicitly state the parallels and demonstrate functional similarity between the twoexplicitly connect the dots between Orwell’s novel and American contemporary cultureUse your journal article, Huxley and/or the shadow either in the 1984 section or in the Contemporary America section. All sources must be used in the paper.Conclusion about 1 -2 pagesSum up your findings and argument includingyour observations regarding 1984 and todaythe connections you made between both 1984 and todaythe message you intended for your readerPunctuation1984 not 1984 unless you are referring to a calendar dateCapitalize the following; do not use quotation marks:Inner Party, Outer Party, Big Brother, Thought Police, NewspeakDo not capitalize the following or use quotation marks: telescreens, thoughtcrime, doublethink, proles,Slogans: ‘IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH’ or “Ignorance Is Strength’RememberWrite in third person ONLYUse literary present when quoting or discussing the words and ideas of sourcesJohn Stnadford in Dictaorship in a Democratic Society

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