I need assistance with my discussion board assignment which

I need assistance with my discussion board assignment which is due on Wednesday, 3/30. Please include references if necessary. No plagiarism please – the similarity score must be below 30%.As you begin to perform the informationsystems audit for PVSS, assume the identity of a different person in thescenario. For this Discussion Board, you are now the Network Systems Managerfor PVSS.As the Network Systems Manager, how would you create thefollowing four controls (or policies) to be used by PVSS:Entity level controlNetwork level controlOperating system levelcontrolWeb or database serverlevel controlKeep in mind that each control should focus on a specific topicand offer the following structure:The Policy Statement: Thisis a statement defining the specific action or regulation.Responsibilities: Whois responsible for various actions?Enforcement: Howthe policy will be validated?Violations: Whatare the consequences for violation?

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