“It is a crime to be ignorant of Economics” is what I fe

“It is a crime to be ignorant of Economics” is what I feel. Economics is not an art, neither science, not a subject rather not also a discipline. It is simply the lifeblood of this entire empire of the World, the Banyan tree which has its roots worldwide; the roots of money.Why at all do people need a quote for it it!  It is an essential ingredient to the recipe of wealth, the recipe of luxury that of satisfaction and ultimately of solace. Economics is there in everything. Be it in the wind, the water, the trees the soil or a country. Mother Nature has instinctively inculcated this and thus being an economic naturalist is what gives me solace.From the home maker of a household to the governor of the central bank; all have the constraints of resources and desire to maximize utility. My paper, thus, is on the lifeblood itself…On the person who find economics in everything…In every real life problem…It is on economic naturalism.  As per J.K. Galbreith,“Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists” And I as an economic naturalist seek to answer some real life breath tight question like the face –quirking quality of flight food, the constant bandwagon demand of labour Union for the minimum wage rate and the street smart strategies of theatre owners to give discount to the students.As per B.R. Ambedkar “History shows that where ethics and economics come in conflict victory is always with the economics. Vested interests have never been known to have willingly divested themselves unless there was a sufficient force to compel them”And this economic stark reality answers all real life questions quite brutally; but in blunt terms of Economics.Economics is the play of the have and the have-nots, the worthy and the worth-nots, the want and the want-nots and finally the why and the why-nots.My paper, though just a bud in the garden of economic flowers strides for an aroma of realism.

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Cathy, CS.