Kim,&nbspI received a failing grade on this from someone on her

Kim, I received a failing grade on this from someone on here who did the work.  Here are the instructions fom the professor:In ‘The Old Dictionary’, there is a relationship between care of the self and care of others, both other people and things also.  Discuss that relationship.  Would you say there is a tension between care of the self and others?  Is caring for others a way of caring for the self? Do we see ourselves in others, or others in ourselves?  …. Decide your focus for this assignment along these lines.  Assignment: present this author in that context and along with the works we’ve read by other authors this semester?  You must include at least 4 of the authors in total and you must include Davis among them.  Note that this assignment starts with a very short story, but the topic is a very broad one and you will have to narrow it down into a thematic presentation of your own.  You may do this in a standard term paper format, or you can choose another format such as power point and include materials such as links or images.  If you use prezi, please send a direct url link (NOT a pdf of the thing).  This is a pretty ‘open’ assignment.  You have to choose how you want to present your thoughts on this subject, as well as what those thought are. All I ask is that you use complete sentences, no bullet lists.  And INCLUDE DIRECT QUOTES, let the pieces of literature speak a bit for themselves as you present them. Think about what you think about the topic presented and how best to represent your thoughts most effectively. YOU MUST USE THESE AUTHORS (ONE MUST BE DAVIS AND YOU CAN CHOOSE 3 ADDITIONAL):Jane Austin – Pride and PrejudiceVirginia Wolf – The LighthouseSylvia Plath – The Bell JarToni Morrison – The Bluest EyeMariLynn Robinson – KansasPatti Smith – Just KidsLydia Davis – The Old Dictionary – MUST USE HER AS 1 OF THE 3 I have attached the paper that was revised.  Please read.  Below are the professors notes oin it:’Coming up with new techniques should be able to emulate the relevant methods in proclaiming the necessary steps all the time.  The management of enhanced relationship will be sufficient enough in emulating the required opportunities.  Proper relationship enhances the correct results thus improving all the requirements of the results.  The mechanism of influence should be important to that effect with methods that will be in the control (Davis, 2009).’ Is this a quote? I’m looking at the first two paragraphs, and I simply do not understand what you’re talking about.  There are not 4 authors in the introduction, either, so I have little idea where you’re going …  I am sorry, but I just don’t know what I’m looking at or how it is an English class essay about women writers and piece of literature. I can see that you added Virginia Woolf’s name in paragraph 3, but even there, there’s no mention of the piece of literature itself, the characters by name, and Woolf was long dead by 1983, so I’m not sure what that is a reference to …? Adding the names of authors to the paper as it was written barely helps this make any more sense than it did in the first place, Melissa. All this stuff about control mechanism and concern groups, this keeps reading like a paper you wrote for some other class on  some other subject entirely.  Due Friday 5/6 at 2:30pm ESTPlease let me know if you have any queswtions.Thank you,MelissaAttachments: final_project_revised.docx

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