Look at Tootsie Roll Industry Inc.s most current annual re

Look at Tootsie Roll Industry Inc.’s most current annual report. Focus on the Balance Sheet, which Tootsie Roll Industries Inc.titles Consolidated Statements of Financial Position, and the notesfollowing the financial statements. Answer the following questions in aclear and concise, professional business report. Consider using a tableto present some of the information. Use APA format.What are the balances of net property, plant, and equipmentat the company’s year-end for the three most recent years you areresearching?Referring to the notes to the financial statements, what depreciation methods did the company use? What method does Tootsie Roll use to value its inventory?What is the amount of the receivables Tootsie Roll expects to collect (this is termed the net realizable value)?Calculate the fixed asset turnover, the accounts receivableturnover, and the inventory turnover. The formula for fixed assetturnover is Net income divided by net fixed assets. Explain eachturnover.

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