MARSHALL VS. REYNOLDS ON THE CONSTITUTION Marshall: “Nor do I find the wisdom, foresight, and sense of justice exhibited by the Framers particularly…

Political Science midterm study guide…

Know the following:

1) Main ideas espoused in the Declaration of Independence 2) What is the view of negative and positive liberty 3) What is the concept of individualism and what do social democrats believe 4) In comparison with other wealthy nations, our taxes are relatively ___, we regulate business less, we take ____ vacations, and we place more stress on getting ahead. 5) Main components of American political culture 6) Why are there so many checks and balances in our national government? 7) The principle of checks and balances ensures that which branch of government has the authority to block the other branches? 8) Identify the main complaints against the English Crown that dominate the Declaration of Independence. 9) Problems under the Articles of Confederation 10) How did framers try to both empower and yet control new central government? 11) What are the three examples of filtration, or indirect elections, in the original Constitution? 12) The Great, or Connecticut, Compromise 13) The number of electors in a state is based on ? 14) How did the Founders treat slavery in the Constitution 15) Powers granted to Congress under article 1, section 8, of the Constitution 16) Major criticisms by the Anti-Federalists of the new Constitution 17) The central goal of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention was to ? 18) Is education a national government responsibility outlined in the Constitution ? 19) Which level(s) of government is/are responsible for regulating business? 20) Which of the following is NOT an advantage of federalism? 21) “Laboratories of federalism/democracy” relates to which advantage of federalism? 22) The lack of national standards in an area such as hydraulic fracturing demonstrates which disadvantage of federalism? 23) What power in foreign policy was granted to Congress? 24) What is the name for a power that is explicitly found in the Constitution? 25) The Tenth Amendment is most likely favored by whom? 26) The same-sex marriage debate is often discussed in terms of what clause? 27) The layer cake model demonstrates which era of federalism ? 28) Which “cake” metaphor was introduced during the New Deal? 29) Who has the authority to declare a legislative act unconstitutional? 30) Initially, the Bill of Rights protected against violations of citizens’ rights from which part of government? 31) What kind of incorporation is defined as extending protections from the Bill of Rights to the state governments, one right at a time?


Be able to answer at least four of the following questions:

1) What were the major changes from the Articles of Confederation to the Constitution? What problems did the framers “fix”?

2) Explain and compare the ideas of negative and positive liberty, and provide examples of each.

3) What were the main arguments put forth in the Declaration of Independence for the independence of the 13 colonies from Britain?

4) How is each power the Constitution grants to Congress, the presidency, or the courts balanced by a checking power assigned to another branch?

5) The USA has moved away from “dual federalism,” also known as “layer cake federalism,” to a kind of “marble cake” federalism. Explain what this means, with appropriate examples.

6) Why does Thurgood Marshall emphasize the importance of the 14th Amendment (which included the “incorporation” of the Bill of Rights) in bringing about a “new Constitution”?

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Political Science midterm study guide…Know the following:1) Main ideas espoused in the Declaration of IndependenceWhy the colonies should be independent from BritainEquality for all people…

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