MATLAB ASSIGNMENTThe function compareTGZ is used to compare

MATLAB ASSIGNMENTThe function compareTGZ is used to compare two tgz folders. The tgz folders contains the following types of files: – mat files and textual files such as .m, .ddf and .txt.In this case, a function has to be designed to compare the contents of two .tgz files. The function is defined as follows: function [testStatus, testMessage] = compareTGZ(refTGZFile, newTGZFile)This function has two input arguments and two output arguments. The input argument refTGZFile is the reference tgz file created before refactoring while the argument newTGZFile is the test tgz created after refactoring. The output testStatus is an argument that gives the status of the comparison of the two tgz files. It returns logical 1 if the two tgz files and their contents match and logical 0 if they do not match. The second output argument testMessage is a cell array that returns the unmatched lines of the identical files in the two tgz folders by calling the function compareTxtFile. It also returns the names of the files that are present in refTGZFile but not found in the newTGZFile. The .mat files are compared by calling the function comp_struct already existing in MATES.The function [testStatus, testMessage] = compareTxtFiles(fnames_old{i}, fnames_new{i});compares the textual file while the function [~, ~ , ~ , erc] = comp_struct(1,ref_mat,new_mat,1,1,1e-6,ref_mat_name,new_mat_name);Compare the .mat filesTASK 1In the file compareTGZ,  I want to add a condition in this function to check if refTGZFile contains more files than the newTGZFileFor example: file x is present in refTGZFile but not in the newTGZFileIt should returnFile x in Reference tgz is not found in Test tgzAnd the condition to check if newTGZFile contains more files than the refTGZFileFor example: file y is present in newTGZFile but not in the refTGZFileIt should returnFile x in Test tgz is not found in Reference tgzTASK 2Modify the code so that there will be no command window outputs by default. The output is produced if and only if requested by user. PROPOSALChange the fprintf to sprintfThis can be done in a test function by using disp()For example: see the script – scriptTestCompareTGZ.m% Call the function[ts,tm]= compareTGZ(refFile,testFile);if ts == 0     for n=1:numel(tm)        disp(tm{n});    endelse    disp(‘OK’);endPlease let me know if you can do it so that I can send the codes

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