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Discuss the history of microbiology with an emphasis on the main historical figures and their discoveries. You will describe how these discoveries have shaped our understanding of microbiological organisms.

  • Describe the main discoveries that have shaped our ability to visualize, classify and research microbiological organisms.


Step 1: Respond to the following:

The development of the microscope in the 1600’s was the starting point for the study of Microbiology. The science of Microbiology and our understanding of the Germ Theory of Disease has led to significant advances in antimicrobial therapy. Since the discovery of penicillin, we have seen an exponential growth in antibiotic production, which has dramatically increased our ability to treat infectious disease. It has also led to the advent of antibiotic resistance. Answer the following questions.

  • Questions:
    • How has the discovery of penicillin and antibiotic therapy shaped society today?
    • What effects has it had on morbidity and mortality rates?
    • Should we continue the broad use antibacterial agents in household hygiene products such has hand soap?


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