&nbspMartin QaranaFormal paperMarch/26/2016&nbsp I believe thatyou

 Martin QaranaFormal paperMarch/26/2016  I believe thatyou should not use a cell phone and drive because it is inconsiderate of otherdrivers, it is illegal, it increases the number of deaths per year, and becausethere are alternatives to cell phones such as hands-free devices.The first reason why you shouldnot use a cell phone and drive is because it is inconsiderate of other drivers.When people use their cell phones on the highway or on a city road, theirdriving tends to become pretty lousy. Examples of this are shown in variousways such as someone pulling out in front of your vehicle, not letting youmerge into an adjacent lane, the driver ahead of you slowing down to text orcall, and not acknowledging other drivers and pedestrians at intersections andparking lots. When a driver slows down to text or make a phone call, they aretaking their attention away from the road, which is one of the most common waysto end up in an auto crash. No text message or phone call is worth a rudeaction on a highway or city road much less an auto accident. It is not good touse a cell phone while driving because it can cause you to not let another carmerge into a lane, pull out in front of another vehicle, slow down, and for afew other reasons too, it’s too bad use the phone when you texting and drivingfor example, one day I was driving in 14-mile orchard lake and, I’m using myphone texting. And I didn’t get addiction, so I did accident with another people.But It was everyone fine. After that police come, they give me a ticket. Afterthat l learn a good subject. Is not really important to use phone. When youdriving because you must kill a lot of people if you not get addiction, but nowI’m using a Bluetooth Wireless so, when I’m driving I can’t use the Bluetooth Wireless. In conclusion, you should not use a cell phonewhile driving because it is inconsiderate of other drivers, because it isillegal, it causes more automobile crashes, and because there are alternativesthat are safer than cell phones when on the road.

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