NRS-428VN-0500 Concepts in Community Health Nursing

NRS-428VN-0500 Concepts in Community Health Nursing: Explain the role of the community health nurse in partnership with community stakeholders for population health promotion…

NRS-428VN-0500 Concepts in Community Health Nursing

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Explain the role of the community health nurse in partnership with community stakeholders for population health promotion. Explain why it is important to appraise community resources (nonprofit, spiritual/religious, etc.) as part of a community assessment and why these resources are important in population health promotion.

Community Health Nursing
Population health promotion encompasses the community’s quality of life improvement through healthcare services provision at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. The public health nurse has a primary role in working within a community setting to support the population’s health and help deliver preventive health care services. Therefore, the community health nurse should play the role of a community member supervisor to regulate and control their well-being behavior.
While in partnership with other community stakeholders, a nurse in community health plays the primary function of guiding and advising such stakeholders on some of the health practices they can use to promote the community’s healthy living (Eldredge et al., 2015). For instance, the community health nurse may encourage the stakeholders to facilitate awareness campaigns on community health issues such as child obesity and drug abuse. Such an initiative showcases the nurse providing a community with primary care, preventing disease development through community stakeholders. Moreover, the community health nurse can organize a community meeting with the help of the community stakeholders where he/she would be able to educate and advise the community on health-promotion undertakings and health-seeking behavior.

NRS-428VN-0500 Concepts in Community Health Nursing

Community resources such as religious or nonprofit organizations are essential in the community, and appraising such resources is vital in enhancing community participation in various health promotion activities. For example, religious institutions preach against individuals engaging in some social acts which encourage the spread of specific diseases such as premarital sexual behavior. When such an institution appraises such values, it improves community participation and understanding in health promotion and disease prevention. Moreover, nonprofit organizations can promote community health as they have the potential of filling voids left by private and government organizations (Alyson & Rebecca, 2019). It can be seen in the increased role of the nonprofit institutions in nurturing social capital and increased health promotion on health-related issues. Therefore, it is essential to appraise such institutions to promote community health.

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