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Objective 1

1) Accounting systems usually use a GUI to increase the ease of entering and retrieving accounting data.

2) The accounting interface connects the accountant user to the database behind the screen.

3) The user interface does not need to provide way for the user to query the database.

4) Software interfaces today are less user-friendly than ever.

5) The user friendliness of an interface is a minor selection criteria for an accounting system.

6) As an accountant, you may be asked to evaluate the interface when making a purchase selection of an accounting system.

7) The ________ connects the accountant to the database.

8) ________ are used to present the output of the system.

9) Designing the interface to minimize keystrokes and time required to enter and retrieve data ________ productivity of the user.

10) A ________ consists of icons that streamline navigation and display logical flow of tasks within each transaction cycle.


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