Paleoanthropologist use various measurements to distinguishÂ

Paleoanthropologist use various measurements to distinguish Homo erectus from earlier hominins, including increased brain capacity and what changes in the ratio of arm to leg length?Arms are larger in relation to the legs.Arms are the same length as the legs.Arms are shorter in relation to the legs.Arms are longer on the dominant side only.5 points  QUESTION 2According to the Code of Manu, a woman’s dharma, regardless of jati, always includedability to weave and cook.loyalty to her husband.beautyeducation.Pharaohs claimed to be descended from what god?OsirisAmonHorusSetQUESTION 14Which of the following regions was the last to present evidence of hominin migration?JapanJavaSpainIndiaQUESTION 16Vajjian differed from Magadha, in that Vajjian did not havethe Vedaswallstradea kingIn Enuma Elish, the goddess Tiamat is killed and her dismembere body divided intoheaven and oceansheaven and earthearth and oceansheaven and hellVajjian differed from Magadha, in that Vajjian did not havethe Vedaswallstradea kingIn Enuma Elish, the goddess Tiamat is killed and her dismembere body divided intoheaven and oceansheaven and earthearth and oceansheaven and hell5 points  QUESTION 18Clovis points are used as evidence to date the presence of humans in what area?AmericaSiberiaEuropeAustralia     5 points  QUESTION 19Which of the following best describes the changes in weather patterns in the Middle East during the Younger Dryas period?hotter and dryerhotter and wettercolder and dryercolder and more humid5 points  QUESTION 20What artifact, discovered at Longshan sites and dating from the mid-third millennium BCE., indicates interaction between Neolithic China and peoples further westward?a kangcopper spearheadsblack potterypotter’s wheel5 points  QUESTION 21The “wheel of dharma” was an early representation ofjatithe BuddhaKrishnathe soul5 points  QUESTION 22Tensions between Rome and the Parthians often broke over because of what region they both wanted as a client state?GreeceSicilyPalatineArmenia5 points  QUESTION 23The Gupta Dynasty began somewhere nearNepalMagadhaBactriaKalinga5 points  QUESTION 24One of the key debates about Meroë is whether it acquired the ability to smelt iron from the Middle East or fromsub-Saharan AfricaDhar TichittYemenEgypt5 points  QUESTION 25The kingdom of Menander in Bactria, which controlled some of northern India after the collapse of the Mauryans, spoke what language?GreekSanskritPrakitAramaic5 points  QUESTION 26Rome had its own patron god in Jupiter but later also adopted the pantheon of gods fromPersiaBabylonGreecePhoenicia5 points  QUESTION 27Beginning around c. 600 C.E. there was a massive migration of what people into the Great Lakes?BantuNubiansPygmiesGhanains5 points  QUESTION 28For Confucius, the Duke of Zhao was an excellent example offuzi.a junziDaolunyu.5 points  QUESTION 29Sparta was able to defeat Athens in 404 B.C.E. in part because the Spartansinvaded Attica with an all-mercenary armyused Persian money to build a navybuilt a large fort in Anatolia to isolate Athenian tradearmed the Helots and doubled their army’s size5 points  QUESTION 30Alvars and nayanars offered what approach to worshipping Vishnu and Shiva?animal sacrificefastingpoetryscholarship5 points  QUESTION 31One of the most ambitious construction projects undertaken by the Sui Dynasty was the completion of the Grand Canal, which linked what two bodies of water in China?Yellow River and the Yangzi RiverYellow Sea and Sea of JapanEast China Sea and South China SeaYellow River and the South China Sea5 points  QUESTION 32Wealth at Dhar Tichitt and Dhar Oualata, c. 2000 B.C.E. was probably measured ingoldwiveslivestockland5 points  QUESTION 33In the practice of sati, a wife shows her loyalty to her husband by committing ritual suicide byself-immolationtaking poisonstarvationjumping off a cliff5 points  QUESTION 34The Red Eyebrow revolt against Wang Mang was led by a secretsociety.ConfucianistLegalistBuddhistDaoist5 points  QUESTION 35Under Achaemenid rule, the traditional Mesopotamian urban assembly was empowered to serve in what capacity?militaryjudicialfiscalreligious5 points  QUESTION 36In Sparta, the most important occupation of Spartan men was as asoldiermagistratefarmermerchantQUESTION 40Among the four calendars used by the Maya, the Long Count measured time in what way?A nine-month divination cycleSolar calendar season.From the beginning of the universeBy measuring the growth of trees

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