Pharmacy Management System&nbspAutomation of pharmacy operation

Pharmacy Management System Automation of pharmacy operations is important, because it will help streamline the daily activities and make them effective and efficient by reducing the medical errors that are associated with the physicians and nurses. The system been built is for LatriKunda Pharmacy. This system will be able to handle all the aspects of the inventory control function, by allowing the pharmacist to receive new batches of drugs, delete obsolete drugs as well as making it possible to modify the current dosage. The system will give an alert when a particular drug falls below a certain set minimum amount, so that new drugs can be ordered. Generally, the pharmacy management system will provide functionalities of identifying the medication usage instruction, make it possible for the employees to access the drugs’ information, provide optimal drugs movement in pharmacy unit, and make it possible for the information stored in the database to be accessible to the nurses and pharmacists based on their roles and account privileges.Functional Requirements of the Pharmacy Management SystemThe system will have the capability to generate statistical reports on information about the drugs, patients, billing and export such information into pdf document for printing purposes. This will help the management to make effective decisions based on facts. The pharmacists will be able to search about the availability of a certain data and also get to know the kind of diseases it cures. Additionally, the system will make it possible to update, delete and edit the medicine information, automatically calculate the billing for the issued medicine and print a receipt, track the inventory and give an alert when a particular medicine falls below a certain set minimum, so that new order for such drug can be placed before it is depleted in stock (, 2016). The system will have a capability of placing the orders electronically to the suppliers, after verification. This will help ensure that the pharmacy keeps the correct quantity of each drug all the time. The system will also have the capability to maintain the accounting records by tracking the sales; since the system will track the buying, selling and the quantity of the medicine sold. The system will have user and administrator accounts. Only administrator accounts will be allowed to update the drugs when new stock is received. Offering different views to the database will help achieve integrity. Additionally, all the users of the system will have unique identification, and their actions will be logged to a dedicated server for auditing purposes.Non Functional Requirements for the Pharmacy Management SystemThe interface for the system will be intuitive, making it easy for the users to interact with it, as it will make use of the already familiar icons to the user in its operations. The system will also work properly based on the user needs, do transactions efficiently and ensure safe data management. In case of an invalid and malfunctioned operation, the system will save the current data and restart. The system will be able to operate on both windows and LINUX based operating systems. The system requires to be installed in a computer with at least 1GB RAM, processor speed of 2.2 GHz and 40 GB storage capacity. Having a system with higher specifications is good for better performance, but generally, a machine with the stated capabilities will provide optimal performance.

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